A Convenient Backup Software & Guide


I have been using this convenient backup software called Genie Timeline for more than three years now. I think this app is underrated and beats most paid backup apps. A paywall is optional with this, too! The most convenient thing I like about this app is that it backs up my files in the background without having to manually backup my files & slowing down my computer. If I place a new file, say, on the desktop, the app will recognise the change and backup that file. The set up is quite straightforward and the interface as well. But, below, I've set out some steps on how to set up the backup because, at default, the software backs up everything so I'd recommend selecting only what you need to be backed up. 

I would recommend Seagate drives as I have been using a Seagate HDD for over four years without any failures and it's still going good. I also have a three year old 4TB Seagate backup drive that I still currently use without any problems. 

Download here

The first screen that pops up is the Setup Wizard. Just click on Select Backup Drive. 


Now simply click on your backup drive then click the right arrow. As you can see, I've named my backup drive to 'BACKUP DRIVE ONLY' to avoid choosing the wrong one.  


This is the Smart Selection screen, we don't want to be seeing this so before we go, click on the 'Clear All' button. (red oval)


...and then click on 'My Computer' (red oval)


This is where you will select your data. The drives I have backed up are the ones highlighted in red. You can explore inside your drives and select or deselect any folder, files, etc, by clicking on the plus icon to the left of the drive. 


Once you have selected your files, it will start to verify your slections. 


Now configured, you can now run the backup. You're basically done but there are some tips below.


When the backup is running, you can speed it up by clicking on 'Switch to Turbo Mode'


When it has finished backing up, which will take some time for a clean backup, a message will appear letting you know you're protected. 


In your system tray, the wee logo will spin a'roon while backing up. You can simply click on it and pause the backup if things are going slow. 

icon in tray.jpg

Lightroom Catalog 

I like to use this app to backup my Lightroom catalog. Your Lr catalog contains all of your adjustments you have made in the developing tab. If these files are deleted, all of your adjustments will also go with it. So, I'd recommend to backup your catalogs once a week or whenever. I back up once a day now because I might have jinxed myself while writing this blog.