Astronomy at Portencross Castle

I shot the above photo at Portencross while out hunting for the aurora borealis. A light from a house behind casts a shadow of a tree on to the castle walls. Portencross is a great place to gaze up to the cosmic ocean.  

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Goodbye Smugmug , Hello Squarespace - A new Website

I have been thinking and deciding over the months about revamping my website using Squarespace.  Smugmug is a good platform for building websites, I've been a member for about three years. It just lacks speed. Smugmug is just too slow for me, the UI design is quite sluggish and it feels like a task when adding photos to my site, but Squarespace, on the other hand, makes that a lot more enjoyable. 

This decision was quite a hard one because it would mean to reupload all my photos, blog posts and also three years of updating and working to build a site that I was happy with. Over three years my site with Smugmug started to gain shape and I did manage to create a website that I was happy about. I then realised that I slowed down and this was simply due to Smugmug's UI design, too intimidating & sluggish. 

So, now with Squarespace, I can now have an ease of mind.